After Cat-Gate Bookmakers Slash Odds On Ken Clarke Losing Job

Bookmakers Slash Odds On Ken Clarke Losing Job

Bookmakers have slashed their odds for Ken Clarke to be the next Cabinet Minister to depart office from 8/1 to 4/1 in the wake of his ‘Cat-gate’ run in with Theresa May.

William Hill is also offering 5/6 that he will no longer be a Cabinet Minister when the next General Election takes place.

“Ken is used to becoming involved in controversies but it would not be a huge surprise if this one ended with his departure from the Cabinet’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

“We think he has come off second best in his skirmish with Theresa May who has strengthened her own position as a result.”

Earlier, he accused Home Secretary Theresa May of making "laughable child-like" comments about the Human Rights Act.

May had told the Conservative Party conference that she thought the act should be abolished.

A row erupted after she said one man had managed to avoid deportation because he had a cat, and to remove him from the country would violate his right to a family life.

Following her speech Clarke had said the cat story was not true.

Now Clarke has escalated the catfight further by telling Joe Watts of the Nottingham Post:

"It's not only the judges that all get furious when the Home Secretary makes a parody of a court judgement, our commission who are helping us form our view on this are not going to be entertained by laughable child-like examples being given."

He also told the political correspondent: "I expect I will have to wear body armour the next time I meet Theresa."

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