10/10/2011 07:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad Claims He Was Quizzed Under Terrorism Act For Taking Photos Of His Daughter

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A dad has claimed he was quizzed by the police under the Terrorism Act after taking photographs of his four-year-old daughter in a shopping centre.

Chris White alleges a security guard informed him that the snaps he took of little Hazel enjoying an ice cream in the shopping mall were "illegal".

Mr White was then ordered to delete the images from his phone, but when he told the guard he had already posted them to Facebook, he was instructed to stay where he was whilst the police were called.

Mr White, a mental health trainer, said his little girl was in tears as they waited for the police to arrive. He claims he was then questioned by two uniformed officers who told him signs throughout the shopping centre made it clear that the taking of photographs was forbidden.

Mr White told that he felt intimidated by the police officers: "It was like, 'you stop talking, I'm a police officer'."

He further alleges that when he tried to comfort his crying daughter he was told by the police "you aren't listening to me."

Mr White says one of the officers told him that under the Terrorism Act he could confiscate the phone and delete the photographs on it, but, claims Mr White, added that "on this occasion" he would allow them to be kept as long he [Mr White] provided his full details.

Mr White has made complaints to Braehead shopping centre and Strathclyde Police.

A spokesperson from Strathcylde Police said: "I can confirm that police were asked to speak to this gentleman by security staff at Braehead on Friday October 7.

"My officers attended and gave advice and no further action was taken by the police officers.

"I can confirm we have received a complaint regarding this incident and one of my senior officers has spoken to Mr White regarding this. As a result a full review of the circumstances surrounding the incident and the allegations made is under way."

Braehead shopping centre said in a statement that 'Staff at an ice cream stall in Braehead became suspicious and alerted a member of the centre's security staff after they saw a male shopper taking photographs at their counter,' adding that they have a 'no photography' policy in the centre to protect the privacy of staff and shoppers.'

Can you believe such a furore ensued over a pic of a child eating an ice cream?
Have you ever been told to stop taking pics because of security or privacy issues?