10/10/2011 11:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Three-Year-Old Girl Robbed Of IPod In McDonalds

Ipod PA

A three-year-old girl was robbed of an iPod in a Surrey branch of McDonalds.

Toddler Tyla Kendrick was playing with the gadget as her mum, Stephanie Mackay went to get ketchup for their meal in the Walton-on-Thames restaurant.

Whilst Stephanie's back was turned, the callous thief made a grab for the £175 iPod.

Outraged Ms Mackay said: "Tyla keeps calling him a 'naughty man' We had just picked up the food and Tyla just said, 'Mummy, my iPod' and one of the staff said a man had just taken it."

Stephanie added she was 'furious' that someone could steal from a child: "I wasn't so bothered about what was taken but that it was taken from a three-year-old child. I was close to crying."

A spokesman for the fast-food chain said they are 'co-operating fully with the police in their enquiries.'

Surrey Police said they are on the lookout for a white man with black hair and a black jumper in connection with the crime.

How could ANYONE steal from a toddler?