11/10/2011 09:29 BST | Updated 11/12/2011 05:12 GMT

New Facebook iPad App Released, Finally

Facebook has released its first iPad App, more than a year after the Apple tablet was first released, with mixed reviews from users.

The free app has received a four star overall review from users. The 1103 comments on iPad's app store vary wildly, from "great effort, but it took long enough" to "this App is going from Bad to WORSE!!" and "Why what a snazzy update".

The release of Facebook's iPad app trails hundreds of apps from companies as varied as Knitting Daily, Lolcatmaker, Bjork, Twitter and Skype.

The app shows account activity in a hideable list down the left of the screen, while the news feed or personal profile appears in a list in the right two-thirds of the screen. The design does not display the new aesthetically-rich timeline released at Facebook's recent F8 conference.

The Times reported that the app was designed to deliver “fun” experience on the iPad, although visually rich and aurally engaging apps such as Bjork's Biophillia rather put this release from Facebook in the shade.

While Facebook was busy releasing the iPad app, they also quietly let slip changes to the way the app functions on iPhones.

This update to the iPhone app was also branded "rubbish" by users, and according to The Times, Facebook was busy re-instating the previous incarnation of the app.