12/10/2011 17:23 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Rant: Leggings As Trousers

The Rant: Leggings as trousers Photo: PA

Over recent years leggings have staged a daring breakout from gym bags and ballet studios to become a wardrobe staple.

They're comfortable, forgiving of large meals, versatile and hide a multitude of sins including cellulite (hurrah!) should you wish to wear a skirt or shorts. The only thing they should not be allowed to do? Function as trousers.

Seriously, ladies. Legging are not opaque, especially not that favourite pair you've owned for a number of seasons and which have seen the inside of a washing machine on a regular basis. If you decide to wear them without a bum-concealing device such as a skirt, an oversized tee or a tunic top you are also opting to show every person walking behind you which knickers you're wearing.

"That can't be the case," you may be scoffing. Trust us. It really is.

In fact, not only can we see the outline and sometimes the pattern of your pants, we can also see the care label of your leggings. 5% elastane, eh? Wash dark colours separately, you say? Well, consider us informed.

"But the celebrities do it all the time!" you may cry.

1. Celebrities also refer to themselves in the third person, wear dresses made from meat, slag people off for giving them hydrangeas and grope wax models of themselves. Don't even start with us about copying things celebrities do.

2. You're considering modelling your wardrobe on Lindsay Lohan's? REALLY?

3. Behold Sofia Vergara and Stacey Solomon (we could also add Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian but we think we've made our point and this is NOT that kind of site...):

The Rant: Leggings as trousers Photos: PA/Rex

Seriously. Stop it.

By all means, shop the trend, but please don't wear them as trousers!