17/10/2011 09:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Stressed Women More Likely To Have Baby Girls

Pregnant woman: Stressed women more likely to have baby girls PA

New research has found that women who are stressed when trying to conceive are more likely to give birth to a daughter.

The study - which was undertaken by Oxford University - found that women who had higher levels of the hormone cortisol went on to have more girls than less stressed mums-to-be.

The scientists discovered that those with the highest levels were as much as 75% less likely to give birth to a son.

The study looked at 207 women in the months before they fell pregnant. They also discovered that the women who had short-terms stress and anxieties took longer to become pregnant.

Dr Cecilia Pyper, from the Department of Public Health at Oxford University told reporters: "This research addressed healthy women in UK trying for a baby; this area is important to research because we need to identify ways of making pregnancies and babies as healthy as possible."

"This research study is investigating stress in women trying to conceive; research has already identified that anxiety and stress in pregnant women may cause problems during the pregnancy and with the development of the baby."

"Women who are trying to conceive are already told how important it is for their future baby to take folic acid tablets, to stop smoking and to check they are immune to rubella; if the findings of this study are confirmed by larger studies women may also be advised about reducing stress."

Does this ring true for you?
Did you have daughters after a stressful time pre-conception?
Or did you only fall pregnant once your stresses and anxieties had passed?