getting pregnant

There is no dress rehearsal for grief. As a dog happily buries a bone, my mind concealed the trauma of sudden bereavement. It wrapped the details in that oh so satisfying to pop bubble wrap and then deftly popped up a flat packed cardboard box, secured it with a liberal application of fragile tape, to be shelved somewhere at the back of my mind with the VHS tapes marked 'DO NOT TAPE OVER'.
Accepting it is Tough An unsuccessful IVF cycle can be devastating. So often striving towards a goal of getting pregnant
Through working with my clients and my own personal experience it has become clear to me that the thoughts, feelings and beliefs we experience on our fertility journey are not caused by or specific to our fertility journey.
What I find interesting, but actually not surprised about, is that we conceived naturally a few months after making these decisions and changes to my life. We weren't even trying because we thought there wasn't any point.
I was expecting to be peeing on ovulation sticks, crying on the toilet each month as periods came and went and spending a fortune on early pregnancy detection tests as I am just too impatient to wait and see if everyone's least favourite aunt was going to arrive.
When you’re pregnant with your second child, things happen a little differently to the first time around.   That’s not to
Read more on The Huffington Post 4. But instead you just get weird cravings. 7. Seriously. 3. When you just want to eat some
3.5 million people in the UK have trouble conceiving.