12 Tweets That Sum Up The Ballache Of Morning Sickness


Finding out you are pregnant is life-changing, not least because you’re probably going to get a lot more familiar with your toilet.

Morning sickness (which let’s acknowledge doesn’t just strike in the morning) affects 70% of pregnancies, according to the NHS, and these 11 tweets perfectly sum up how we all feel about it.

1. When you just want to feel well again.

2. Or eat anything without vomming.

3. When you just want to eat some carbohydrates.

4. But instead you just get weird cravings.

5. And just become incredibly resourceful.

6. When you wonder why it just won’t end.

7. Seriously.

8. When you decide you can never get pregnant again.

9. But at least hungover women feel your pain.

10. And recognise you for the true champion you are.

11. When your husband tries to cash in on the sympathy vote and you’re having none of it.

12. Because no one understands what it is like unless you’ve been through it yourself.