20/10/2011 07:56 BST | Updated 19/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Famine In The Horn Of Africa - Three Months On (Pictures)

It has been three months since the declaration of famine in the Horn of Africa, which continues to be gripped by the worst food crisis in 20 years.

The East Africa drought has meant that over 12 million people still require assistance - more than the combined population of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Over 2.4 million people are being fed by British aid, according to the Department of International Development, but hundreds of people are still dying every day. In Somalia alone, more than 400,000 children remain at risk of death, Andrew Mitchell, the international development secretary has said. The situation in war-torn Somalia is particularly difficult as conflict is creating access problems for aid workers.

It is also feared that the coming rainy season will bring disease to crowded refugee camps.

But there is some hope in the region. Millions of people are being vaccinating against measles and polio, while 400,000 doses of anti-malarial medication are being delivered, Mitchell said. Some 200,000 people are receiving vegetable seeds, ready to be planted when conditions improve.

DfID released photos of Kenyans they have been working with since the crisis began:

Horn Of Africa Famine