Women Look Their Best For Just Two Hours A Day, Says Study

Women Look Their Best For Just Two Hours A Day, Says Study

Despite spending 38 minutes getting ready each morning, women only look their best for two hours and 22 minutes a day, suggests a recent study by Imperial Leather Skin Kind.

After spending ten minutes in the shower, 11 minutes styling her hair, eight minutes applying make-up and nine minutes deciding what to wear - perfected hair, lipstick and clothing starts to dishevel just two hours after a woman leaves the house.

“It seems that a stressful commute combined with a couple of killer hours in the office leaves their appearance less than perfect,” says a study spokesperson. ''Consequently, most women struggle to get to the end of the working day looking like they did first thing in the morning.''

The study of 2,000 ladies also found that the average woman applies fresh make-up or restyles her hair just before lunchtime at 11:40am, as it made them feel better about the way they look for the rest of the day.

However, women don't spend all day worrying about their appearance, because by mid-afternoon, the women polled said they quit looking in the mirror and got on with things.

Men, on the other hand, look perfect all day…