Gaddafi Killed: Hillary Clinton Learned Of Dictator's Death On BlackBerry

WATCH: Clinton Learns Of Dictator's Death On BlackBerry

Video has emerged of the moment that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton learned of the death of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi via a message on her mobile phone.

Clinton was undergoing a series of interviews in Kabul, Afghanistan, when an aide handed her a phone with the unconfirmed news of Gaddafi's capture.

"Wow," Clinton said on learning the news. "Unconfirmed."

Announcing the news to the aides and crew in the room, Clinton warned them that "we've had a bunch of those (reports) before now."

"We have had - you know - we've had him captured a couple of times."

Later Clinton said: "I think it would mean a lot to them (the NTC) they were fighting so hard to get Sirte which is Gaddafi's hometown and to try to end the fighting phase of their revolution and begin the building phase.

"They knew that if Gaddafi remained at large he would continue to buy mercenaries and cause problems for them.

"If they know he is no longer a threat to them that will ease the transition process into a new government."


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