21/10/2011 14:55 BST | Updated 21/12/2011 10:12 GMT

When Do You Switch Off? Sabbath Project Says Unplug And Ideas Will Flow

A third of smart phone users use their phone on the loo and check their Facebook before they've even got out of bed. This constant connection to modern communication and lack of quiet time is draining us of our humanity and the Sabbath Manifesto has stepped up to say enough's enough, switch off, and you'll be refreshed.

Sabbath Manifesto creator, Dan Rollman told Huffington Post: "There's clearly a social problem when we're interacting more with digital interfaces than our fellow human beings. Rich, engaging conversations are harder to come by than they were a few years ago. As we voyage deeper into the digital world, our attention spans are silently evaporating,"

"We believe that everyone can benefit from a respite from the relentless technology. Unplugging on a weekly basis won't provide a magical solution to these issues, but it's a start."

The group which was founded by a small team of film-makers, artists, writers and media professionals who felt a collective need to bring balance to our increasingly fast-paced way of living. They're agnostic, despite encouraging breaking bread and drinking wine, and liken themselves to the slow food movement.

They say they are not anti-technology, rather, they're pro real-life connections: "We recognise the value and importance of technology in today's world. The idea really is to take a pause from the technology that consumes our lives and reconnect with the people and community who are all around us but are lost in the noise of today's relentless deluge of information," said Rollman.

Rollman said: "Adding a modern Sabbath that can be embraced by people of all denominations and those with no affiliation to faith - will ideally reward with the same riches this ritual has provided for centuries - a chance to catch our breaths, replenish our souls and reconnect with the living, breathing people we love," Rollman said.

Want to join them? You can do it on your own by following each of the following 10 principles one day a week from sunset to sunset:

  • Avoid technology
  • Connect with loved ones
  • Nurture your health
  • Get outside
  • Avoid commerce
  • Light candles
  • Drink wine
  • Eat bread
  • Find silence
  • Give back

In the same way that ideas often come to mind in the shower, a day off from technology could bring to mind solutions to exciting problems, or brand new ideas.

Are you planning to unplug this weekend? How long can you go without checking your Twitter, Facebook or text messages? Let us know in the comments below.