Halloween Special: Top 10 Scary Films - What Gets You Jumping Out Of Your Seat?

As Halloween approaches and once again we prepare to scare ourselves silly with horror films, we've compiled our pick of the most terrifying-nail-biting-can't-sleep-for-three-days big screen spine-chillers.

Horror films have been making it big at the Box Office for decades now, and as different things trigger viewers' cushion-grabbing buttons, there are going to be some obvious omissions when you click through the slideshow. You'll probably want to scream "Where's the Exorcist?"

The answer is... it didn't rate a mention in our straw poll in an office of 30 self-respecting horror aficionados, although there was much debate about whether films are as frightening as they used to be.

Has the age of digital effects enhanced or eliminated the true chiller element? What's your all-time scariest film? Let us know, and in the meantime, here's our list for a Friday afternoon: