29/10/2011 11:58 BST | Updated 29/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Jimmy Savile Dead: From Top Of The Pops To Clunk Click 10 Great Moments On You Tube (VIDEO)

With His jingle jangle jewellery Jimmy Savile was one of most colourful characters ever seen on British television.

His career as a DJ and TV star happened in an age long before the internet was part of everyday life.

Despite this his greatest moments have been picked up by a new generation thanks to YouTube.

Tributes have rolled in. Former radio DJ Mike Reid, also speaking to Sky News, said: “He was an enigma. He was impenetrable. No one knew him."

Tony Blackburn, who presented Top of the Pops at the same time as Savile, said the flamboyant DJ was a "one off".

He said: "He was quite a character, I don't think anyone got to know Jimmy Savile, he played Jimmy Savile the whole time."

Blackburn added: "He was just a big, over the top, personality. He did all these marathons the whole time, he was just great fun. He was an unusual person, he was just a one off."

Here are 10 of his best video clips: