Jimmy Savile Dead:From Goodness Gracious to Now Then, Now Then Top 5 Jimmy Savile Catchphrases

Top 5 Jimmy Savile Catchphrases

Jimmy Savile was a colourful character with colourful catchphrases to match.

Most entertainers are lucky if they can scratch up a single memorable phrase for the public to latch on to.

But Savile had a load - and we've all tried to impersonate him.

Of course, the warming northern accent, huge amounts of bling, Castro-style cigar and dazzling white hair are needed to pull these off properly.

Here's five of Jimmy Savile's most memorable catchphrases

1. How's about that, then?

2. Goodness gracious

3. As it 'appens

4. Guys and gals

5. Now then, now then

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