jimmy savile

Savile, a prolific sex offender, was first mentioned in a storyline about child sex abuse back in the BBC drama’s third series.
The Tiger King star said she was "amazed at the lengths (and expense) people will go to in order to trash my reputation".
He named former prime minister Sir Edward Heath and Jimmy Savile in his claims.
His documentary When Louis Met Jimmy failed to expose the DJ as a paedophile.
In light of Weinstein, we need to talk about what care looks and feels like, what respect and consensual sexual experiences entail.  We need to teach about boundaries and why they are positive in helping to develop a sense of self.  We need to cultivate defiance, making clear that while saying no can be awkward and uncomfortable, it can be constructive too.
The NSPCC made three times the referrals to police from calls to its dedicated football abuse hotline than it did in the
Jimmy Savile’s home of more than 30 years has been demolished. The disgraced broadcaster’s apartment in the Roundhay Park