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Jimmy Savile’s home of more than 30 years has been demolished. The disgraced broadcaster’s apartment in the Roundhay Park
'He mugged you off by giving you what he wanted to give you.'
Theroux told her that he “grapples” with what Savile did. “He raped, molested [and] abused hundreds of people, and yet at
A Muslim woman has enraged members of the English Defence League by comparing them to paedophile Jimmy Savile at a march
Since the watershed moment when we discovered the extent of the utterly repulsive crimes committed by Jimmy Savile the number of reported sex offences against children has almost doubled. Last year our ChildLine service provided 3,150 counselling sessions- up 10% on the previous twelve months - for children, as young as nine, who had been targets of or were worried about being groomed online.
Sacked BBC DJ Tony Blackburn has claimed he was given the opportunity to resign from the broadcaster and then return in a
The former producer of Jim'll Fix It has said that Jimmy Savile was "frightening" towards children, but it never occurred
The conclusions of the BBC's review into sex abuse allegations against Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall are devastating. They are appalling, shaming, choose your own string of adjectives. Everyone at the BBC who worked with the predators, or had any reason at all to suspect that they were committing crimes against children and young people, should be deeply, deeply ashamed.
If a celebrity I had found remotely attractive had made approaches to me when I was a child, I would have let him. I had no concept of being able to say "no." It was more important to be "good."
Eamonn Holmes has criticised the BBC over the broadcaster’s treatment of Tony Blackburn. Following the veteran DJ’s claim