Shane Webber: Secret Stalker Who Posted Explicit Images Of His Girlfriend On Internet Is Jailed

A secret stalker has been jailed for posting explicit sexual images of his girlfriend on the internet as part of a year-long harassment campaign.

Shane Webber, from Nottingham, published the pictures on social networking sites and "tagged" the photos to make sure that her parents and friends would see them.

Webber was sentenced to four months in jail by Southampton Magistrates' Court after admitting harassing Ruth Jeffreys (pictured below), who was his girlfriend at the time. The 23-year-old also attempted to implicate his friend Lee Evans by sending emails from a fake account.

District Judge Anthony Callaway called the offence a "gross violation of privacy".

Speaking outside the court, Jeffery said she was "extremely pleased" with the outcome.

But she added: "I was absolutely devastated when I found out it was him. I could not believe it was Shane. I did not want to believe it."

Jeffrey's family suspected her stalker was Webber but the 22-year-old said she could not comprehend how he could do such a thing.

According to an interview with The Sun, Webber, posing as his girlfriend, asked men to send explicit photographs. He also posted nearly 50 intimate photos of his girlfriend on adult websites, resulting in a "strange man" turning up at her home. Weber also emailed topless pictures of Jeffrey to hundreds of her contacts.

The maximum jail sentence magistrates can impose for a conviction is six months. Jeffrey added even if her ex-boyfriend had been handed this, it would "never make up for the hurt he has put me through".