01/11/2011 07:20 GMT | Updated 01/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Brits Feel On Top Of Their Game On Tuesday At 11.30am

On a Tuesday, at approximately 11:30am, the average Brit will feel at their most efficient at work, a study has revealed.

Unsurprisingly, Mondays and Fridays are our least productive days, with British people admitting that they struggled to give a full 100% into their workload and personal lives.

The study, by Seven Seas Health Oils, questioned 2,000 adults about their work and personal lives, including when they felt most stressed and relaxed.

The study found that by the end of the working day, 35% of Brits felt completely exhausted, with one in 20 admitting that they struggle to keep on top of everything. They also discovered that the biggest worry distracting us from our workload are money problems and work pressure.

But by 11:30am on a Tuesday morning, the majority of Brits felt that they had come to terms with their weekly work schedule and were able to give 100% into it.

By Friday, our productive streak diminishes and by the afternoon, we're more likely to ignore emails with 37% admitting to nipping off for an early lunch as they start to wind down for the weekend.

However, it isn't until 10:30am on a Saturday morning that we feel at our most relaxed.

''The current economic climate and 24/7 lifestyles means that people are more stressed and working longer and harder, often at the expense of their wellbeing," says Sarah Day from the study.

"Optimising your diet and lifestyle and taking time out to look after yourself can help people to feel more in balance."

Although Brits find Tuesday's their best working day, earlier this week, we discovered that Brits feel most content at the age of 38.