01/11/2011 07:59 GMT | Updated 01/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Strictly Come Dancing's Chelsee Healey On Her Boob Job, Low Self-Esteem And Dieting For Partner Pasha

Strictly Come Dancing's Chelsee Healey was moved to tears on Saturday's show with a near-wardrobe malfunction during her dance routine. Behind her blushes lies a history of body hang-ups and anxieties. She discusses them in this week's edition of Closer Magazine, as well as revealing who are her favourite fellow contestants. Here are some titbits:

Chelsee Healey may be a livewire on this year's Strictly Come Dancing, with her racy outfits and bubbly personality, but while she was excited to pose for Closer's exclusive bare-all shoot, she did get a last-minute attack of nerves.

"I've been really nervous," she says. "I don't want people saying, 'Oh, she’s got her boobs out now.'"

Although Chelsee, 23, looks great in our stunning photo shoot, the curvy size 6 Waterloo Road actress admits to body insecurities and reveals she regrets the £3,000 boob job she had at 19 - which boosted her from a 32C to a DD.

"There's always been a part of me that wished I'd not had them done, but it was a long time ago and there's nothing I can change now," she shrugs. "I was young and if it was a decision I was making now, I wouldn't have gone through with it. Not now I'm older and a bit wiser. I feel they're a bit too big and I've only got a little frame."

Chelsee, who’s 5ft 1, flew to Marbella in Spain for the treatment in 2007 and was initially "thrilled" with the results, after admitting she'd suffered years of low self-esteem. But now she has ruled out having any other cosmetic procedures. "There's nothing else I feel like I need or want to do," she says.

Single Chelsee admits her nerves during our shoot are partly a result of bitchy Twitter comments. Cyber bullies criticised her figure after she wore a revealing two-piece outfit for the Strictly launch show. "There are times when it gets to you," she says, "but I've started ignoring the negative comments and try to take in the positive ones."

Chelsee reveals that her professional dance partner Pasha has had a struggle on his hands encouraging her to change her diet. She says: "He's always on at me about eating healthily, but I love sweets. I have to eat fruit and drink water for energy, and it's been hard. But we're really close and he's a great teacher.

"He's not too strict, but when he needs to, he can whip me into shape. I actually feel like I'm putting on weight though, because I'm burning calories but eating more. A few people have said that they think I've toned up a bit, but I'm not seeing it myself. I see my body every day so I guess I don't notice."


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