02/11/2011 12:10 GMT | Updated 02/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Audiences Warm Up For 'Frozen Planet' Episode 2 (PHOTOS)

If last week's scene where a seal was stranded on an icepack - as it was hunted for food - pulled at your heart strings, then be prepared for another emotional roller coaster in tonight's Frozen Planet...

David Attenborough's Frozen Planet returns to our screens, after its spectacular debut on BBC One last week.

This time, we'll see beautiful scenes of new life, as Spring arrives at the poles. Spring time in Frozen Planet means melting rivers and baby polar bears, but it also means terrifying 150mph winds that leave one of the film crew in real peril.

We'll see panic-stricken Adelie penguins leap out of the ocean in terror as a pack of killer whales approach. Whether it's one little penguin stranded on a tiny island of ice, or a seal, nobody ever said nature was kind.

Last week's reviews were universally positive, with The Guardian describing it as "fabulous, beautiful, sumptuous", while The Metro approved, despite balking at the "gristle and gore in high definition".

The first in the seven-part series about life at the poles averaged 6.82 million viewers, a 27.4% share of the audience, between 9pm and 10pm last Wednesday.

Check back later tonight for our review of episode 2.

SLIDESHOW: Take a sneak peek at some of the scenes in Frozen Planet episode 2...