02/11/2011 04:04 GMT | Updated 01/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Are You Connected? Ofcom Releases Nationwide Internet And Mobile Map

If you're reading this, you most likely don't live in the Scottish Highlands, Wales or the Outer Hebrides. Those are just three of the areas that Ofcom say have the slowest broadband speed in the country. Greater London or Grimsby have a cracking pace of internet connection, according to a set of connectivity maps created by the communications regulator.

Mobile phone signal was also measured. Again, if you're in the Outer Hebrides or Wales, you don't need us to tell you, reception there is the poorest in the UK.

The maps cover 200 areas areas across the UK, ranked according to coverage and colour coded with green ranking highest and red lowest. The mobile phone coverage map, below, shows vast swathes of the country have great mobile connection, while hilly areas are most likely to suffer.

Most UK premises, 73%, can receive a signal from all five 3G networks, with lower coverage in less densely populated areas. Around 7.7million UK premises do not have a choice of all five 3G mobile networks.

The mapping project also found that households are now churning through 17 Gigabytes of data per month, or the equivalent of 11 films and 12 hours of BBC iPlayer HD video combined. UK internet service providers surveyed said that represents seven fold increase over the past five years.

We're still only using mobile broadband lightly though, on average we consume 0.24 Gigabytes per month per connection.

If phone drop outs do your head in, Ofcom assure us that £150million has been allocated to help address mobile and broadband not-spots in its 2011/12 annual plan.

Before connecting to a new carrier, check which network covers your home.