Skyfall James Bond: Five Other Skyfalls You Might Not Have Heard Of According To Wikipedia

Five Other Skyfalls You Might Not Have Heard Of

Skyfall, the new James Bond film, has left a few people scratching their heads about where it came from.

So, if you need to brush up on your Skyfall bluffing knowledge, here are five other Skyfalls you may not have heard of, according to Wikipedia:

According to Wikipedia: "Skyfall's bio described him as a superb Autobot flyer, but a daydreamer who thinks about flying even when he is on the ground.

"While he is intelligent and an excellent weapons engineer, he dreams of becoming a great hero, leaving his partner Top Heavy to bring him back down to Earth."

We're not entirely sure what this all means, but it will sound good when bluffing through your Skyfall cocktail party talk.

Ok, there seems to be a sci-fi theme emerging here. This book tells the story of how Roca met her husband Eldrinson, Bard of Dalvador, ruler of a province on Skyfall. Yawn.

The good news is it won Third Place Sapphire Award for Best Science Fiction Romance Novel of 2004 from the Science Fiction Romance Newsletter.

If you're not into science fiction then you might want to make excuses to avoid a cocktail party where this is being talked about.

Regardless, we'll crash on. The Darklands trilogy, says Wikipedia, is a series of books by Australian author Anthony Eaton.

They are set over 1000 years in a future in which the human race has polluted the world and now lives in sealed environments. The books centre around Saria, a darklander, and Larinan Mann of Port City.

Ok, we get the idea.

According to this website it's Harry Harrison’s version of a 1970s disaster novel. "There were a few such books, but they were quickly eclipsed by the disaster movie genre, some of which films – Airport, The Towering Inferno – were based on the novel."

Written by David Tant and published in 1985 these were inspired by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy and later Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series.

The gamebooks allow the reader to live out the life of someone who lives on colonised planet Skyfall, an unruly place where humans out number the indigenous population. It uses coin tosses rather than dice to determine what happens.

Again, this is all lost on us, but what we seem to have learnt is that the new James Bond film will be set on some random planet, miles away from Earth in the near (possibly very far) future. What was wrong with Casino Royale?


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