Top Ten Best James Bond Gadgets

Top Ten Best James Bond Gadgets

The latest James Bond 007 film, Skyfall, has just been announced and that means more wonderful gadgets from Q. Beyond the hot Bond girls, and the equally hot Daniel Craig in his swimming trunks, Bond films are always worth drooling over for the gadgets.

Here is a look back at some of the best, and most stupid, James Bond gadgets of old.

Beautiful gadgets include the golden gun that fired six gold bullets in The Man With The Golden Gun, and of course the magnificent Aston Martin from Goldfinger.

Ridiculous gadgets include a ghetto blaster, cigarette and leg cast that fire rockets and the telegram Casio watch.

There is a wealth of gadgets that nearly made it into this top ten. In Octopussy, a pen filled with acid was designed to dissolve metal and act as a radio transmitter. In Tomorrow Never Dies the mobile phone becomes a smart phone, delivering a Tazer-like shock of 12,000 volts.

What's your favourite James Bond gadget, either stupid or sublime?


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