House Of Lords 'Owed £30,000' In Unpaid Food And Drink Bills

House Of Lords 'Owed £30,000' In Unpaid Food And Drink Bills

Members of the House of Lords owe more than £30,000 in unpaid bills for food and drink bought in the Palace of Westminster, it has been revealed.

Figures revealed on Friday showed that the outstanding debt to the House of Lords Catering and Retail Services owed for more than 30 days at the end of 25 October 2011 was £38,916.63.

Peers owed £31,578.90 for banqueting functions and other events that they have sponsored.

A further £2,067.38 was owed by Members of the House of Lords for food and drink they have bought in Parliament's restaurant's and bars.

While £5,270.35 was owed by staff who work for peers.

The figures were revealed by Lord Brabazon of Tara, who speaks for the Lords authorities, in a written parliamentary answer given to Lord Palmer.

Some of the debts had been paid off by the end of October however.

"Accounts are always reviewed at the end of every month and, as at the end of 31 October, £2,705.00 of these banqueting debts, £745.04 of these Members' debts, and the full amount owed by staff had been paid," Lord Brabazon said.


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