House of Lords

"Ping-pong" ends as House of Lords halts its opposition to legislation central to Rishi Sunak's controversial policy.
Contested legislation to return to the House of Lords on Tuesday as political “ping-pong” continues.
Tory hopes of getting deportation flights off the ground in spring in doubt as parliamentary "ping pong" continues.
The incendiary claim was made as peers prepare to vote again on the controversial legislation.
Boost for Rishi Sunak as changes to flagship plan rejected in the House of Commons.
It means the government has now been beaten 10 times this week on the flagship legislation.
The setbacks to the plan to help “stop the boats” paves the way for a game of parliamentary “ping-pong”.
Lord Tugendhat says parliament "should not even be asked to confront, let alone pass” Rishi Sunak's controversial legislation.
Critics thought the rant left Lord Bethell with egg on his face.