House of Lords

Lord Tugendhat says parliament "should not even be asked to confront, let alone pass” Rishi Sunak's controversial legislation.
Critics thought the rant left Lord Bethell with egg on his face.
It came amid another blow to Rishi Sunak's flagship policy.
The prime minister had begged peers not to “frustrate the will of the people” by opposing his deportation plan.
The unelected prime minister says the "appointed" upper chamber must back his Rwanda plan.
The prime minister still can't guarantee deportation flights will take off this year.
The Tory peer just revealed she does stand to benefit from her husband's £60 million PPE profit made during the pandemic.
Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton dons the ermine robes to seal his political comeback.
Marco Longhi tried to compare Charlotte Owen's peerage to the election of a new MP. It didn't go well.
Former Boris Johnson aide, 30, given a place in the law-making chamber as part of the ex-PM's resignation honours list.