House of Lords

Labour’s Lord Dubs, who fled the Nazis for the UK as a child, had called the decision at asylum centre a "disgrace”.
"Nadine’s barely been seen in parliament these last six months while she’s been earning money on telly".
The former prime minister has gone to war with Rishi Sunak over his resignation honours list.
Nadine Dorries fumed, Boris Johnson lobbed a grenade, Paul Scully was snubbed and Nicola Sturgeon protested her innocence
The Archbishop of Canterbury made a rare intervention in the Lords.
The new of allegations follow a year of sleaze and sex scandals that have rocked the Commons.
The Tory peer, who founded lingerie firm Ultimo, claims the accusations have been “unjustly” levelled against her.
The Labour leader set out his stall as his party continues to ride high in the polls.
Labour leader wants to move power out of Westminster and Whitehall.
"People have lost faith in the ability of politicians and politics to bring about change," Keir Starmer said.