Marks And Spencer Kate Middleton Ring Replica Is A Runaway Bestseller

A Right Royal Knock-Off: Wedding Ring Replica Is Bestseller

Royal Wedding fever is still alive and well.

Women up and down the country are still clamouring for the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding ring replica to relive that royal wedding magic, according to new reports.

Shoppers have apparently been beating a path to Marks and Spencer's to pick themselves up a ring fit for a princess for the less than princely sum of £18. The replica of her sapphire engagement ring has become Marks and Spencer's bestselling piece of jewellery ever.

Since it went on sale in March, M&S has sold around 200 of its "Platinum Plated Royal Ring" every week. The replica ring is a far cry from the platinum, 18 carat sapphire and 14 diamonds ring worn by The Duchess of Cambridge but that has not deterred the public.


Kate Crossey, design manager accessories at M&S, told the Telegraph: "Despite the big day being over, customers seem to be holding on to the Royal trend as we continue to see sales grow".

High-street retailers are keen to cash in on Catherine's status as a style icon. Debenhams reported back in April that its £6 replica of the Duchess's ring was also its fastest-ever selling piece of jewellery.


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