marks and spencer

Marks & Spencer took legal action over Aldi's caterpillar cake earlier this year.
No starry fairylights or nightlight can relieve that terrifying stress. No twinkling can remove the loneliness of the people who really can't do Christmas, for whatever reason, be it illness, loneliness, poverty, isolation.
'I expected that you understood families very much share children’s needs.'
A mum called out Marks & Spencer after being disappointed that the signage in the toilets at their Shoreham store assumes
Aaron Davies, 22, had an erratic school career, eventually leaving school in sixth form due to his mental health. In this blog to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Aaron talks about his experience of depression, the value of support networks, and the message he'd like to send to young people going through similar tough times.
Breast cancer patients spend the five years following their diagnosis at the highest risk of reoccurrence with no clear test available to us. We rely on scans and 'awareness of changes' followed by the excruciating wait for our results.
Tis the season to give, to receive and to snap up a bargain or two.  If you were disappointed with what Father Christmas