London Fashion Week 2016: Alexa Chung Debuts 'Winter Archive By Alexa' Range For Marks & Spencer

This isn't just any trench coat...

Alexa Chung’s second fashion collection for M&S may not hit the shelves ‘till November - but that hasn’t stopped the style icon from giving us all a sneak preview.

Attending the J.W. Anderson show at London Fashion Week on Saturday 17 September, Chung looked effortlessly chic in a faux patent leather trench coat.

But today we were informed by the folks at Marks & Spencer that it wasn’t just any trench. It was a ‘Winter Archive by Alexa’ Briggate Trench (£89).

Darren Gerrish via Getty Images
<strong>Archive by Alexa Briggate Trench, £89</strong>
Archive by Alexa Briggate Trench, £89
Marks and Spencer

On her first day at LFW, Chung also took to Instagram to reveal another preview of the 17-piece line - a faux fur hooded jacket.

“Sneakiest peek at my favourite jacket from ‘Winter Archive by Alexa’, available on 1 November” she captioned the snap below.

A photo posted by Alexa (@alexachung) on

<strong>Archive by Alexa Crown Jacket, £99</strong>
Archive by Alexa Crown Jacket, £99
Marks and Spencer

Can November hurry up already, please?

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