Greggs And Marks And Spencer Join The War On Food Waste With A Community Fridge

A brilliant idea.

Greggs and Marks and Spencer are the latest food giants to join the war on food waste by helping a brilliant scheme.

The Guardian reported that the companies are now sending edible leftover food to solidarity or community fridges.

These are fridges of leftover food which anyone can donate to or take from in a community.

Similar schemes in Germany, Spain and India have been especially popular.

Greggs and M&S are now donating food to a community fridge in the Somerset town of Frome.

There are rules about what can be left in Frome’s fridge, such as no raw meat or fish, and it is checked and cleaned regularly by a team of volunteers.

Sheila Gore, owner of local store Frome Wholefoods and regular donated, told the Guardian that the idea had gone ‘from something a bit weird to being normal.’

She added: “You can’t always predict fluctuations and variations so when you don’t get it right the fridge is very useful.’

Many big business are waking up to the problem of food waste getting involved with local schemes, using apps and finding other ingenious ways of cutting down on the amount of food ending up in the bin.

The EU wastes 89 million tonnes of food every year – and the UK is thought to be responsible for more waste than any other member state.