Peter Kay Goes Back To Stand-Up For The Tour That Didn't Tour (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Peter Kay Back On The Road

If Peter Kay seems your archetypal stand-up comedian, it's misleading. The Bolton-born comedian has been so busy with television projects including cameo roles on Coronation Street and Doctor Who, that he's not actually done stand-up for seven years.

He's back with a DVD of The Tour That Didn't Tour, recorded at the O2 arena in London.

Kay performed to more than one million fans on this tour, recounting such memories as his childhood days at Butlins, and his nan coming to terms with "t'internet" and "facetube", and taking pot shots at people calling in a sickie by text - "Up all night. Coming out both ends. Send."

Check out The Huffington Post UK's exclusive clip above. The Tour That Didn't Tour is released on DVD and Triple Play Blu-ray/DVD/E-Copy) on Monday 7 November.


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