Peter Kay

"I was a bit nervous this morning... but it's really nice to be doing this, it's like getting into a hot bath."
The comedian has been largely absent from the public eye since cancelling his stand-up tour in December 2017.
The comedian was on fine form during an appearance on Radio 2, his first in eight months.
The music mogul was apparently no fan of Britain's Got The Pop Factor ‚Äď until it proved popular with viewers, that is.
Peter Kay, Catherine Tate and a special Live Lounge performance are all among the highlights of the evening.
The comedian recently revived his Bafta-winning sitcom for a one-off audio special, in a bid to "cheer up" the country.
The audio-only episode of the hit sitcom will debut later this week.
Peter Kay Comedy Genius: In His Own Words was branded ‚Äúincredibly misleading‚ÄĚ in a post on his Twitter account.
He was not there to pick up the Best Comedy award for 'Car Share'.