(WATCH) Men From Mars: They're Back

(WATCH) Men From Mars: They're Back From Moscow Carpark

The Russian mission to "Mars" will end today, when six cosmonauts will leave the mock spaceship they've been locked in for 520 days.

The three Russians, a Frenchman, an Italian-Colombian and a Chinese man were testing the physcial and psychological effects of the long-distance flight to Mars.

Instead of the high tech surrounds you might expect from a space shuttle, the men were locked into what is essentially a tin shed in a car park for 18 months.

During their "flight" they conducted fake emergencies and landings and received intermittent, and highly delayed, communications from loved ones.

The Telegraph reports that a female crew member from Canada was ditched after she was forcibly kissed by a Russian male colleague in a previous experiment.

The project cost £6million, and each crew member takes home £64,000 for taking part in the experiment.

Would £64,000 be enough for you to spend almost a year in a shed?


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