07/11/2011 15:34 GMT | Updated 07/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Hannah Richards Fired From Young Apprentice 2011 By Lord Sugar After Failing In Floristry Task

Hannah Richards has been fired from the Young Apprentice after wilting in a task to sell flowers.

The 16-year-old from Berkshire became the third person to be booted off this year's show.

It was a narrow defeat but Hannah's 'Team Atomic' were forced back into the boardroom after making least profit.

She decided to bring Zara and Harry M back into the boardroom to face Lord Sugar.

Harry M was clearly upset saying: “Hannah just to clarify, me and Zara brought in the lion’s share of profit.”


Under questioning from the board, Hannah explained she'd brought Zara back for not listening - Harry M was hauled back for not being a team player.

Lord Sugar quizzed Harry M about being a team player. Hannah then told him: “Everybody has their flaws but that’s something so fundamental, not just in business but in life, which you can’t go through being so self-centered.”

But Harry M retaliated telling Hannah: “You’ve brought in the two people that made the most profit so if anyone missed the whole concept that the task was about profit, surely its you for bringing us two back.”

On deciding to fire Hannah, Lord Sugar said: "in my opinion, you brought the wrong people back, I have to say to you that You’re Fired.”


As she was driven away Hannah concluded: “I’m proud that I got this far yet a little bit disappointed I didn’t go further but I know I walk away from this knowing a lot more than I did when I came. It’s given me a foundation to build on for the future.”