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The Apprentice star opened up about the show's strict "no influencers" and "nobody who wants to work from home" policy.
A music producer, yoga guru and not one but two pie company owners are among those battling it out.
The Amstrad founder recently claimed Gordon's recent TV venture was a "virtual rip-off" of The Apprentice.
Including a boxing gold medallist, a pest control expert, a safari guide and the "Kim Kardashian of business".
The Good Morning Britain presenter is certainly enjoying the attention – but not everyone is as keen to see him in charge.
The Apprentice star described it as a “sad day for us all in the family”.
The Apprentice star told the BBC Breakfast presenter to "mind your own bloody business" after he had another pop at the GMB host.
The Apprentice star has sparked a backlash for saying people working from home have become "complacent".
The Apprentice star caused controversy when he told Jeremy Vine: "Who’s dead? I’m not, I'm still alive... so's everybody else I know."