Alan Sugar's Latest Comments About Working From Home Have Got Everyone Saying The Same Thing

The Apprentice star opened up about the show's strict "no influencers" and "nobody who wants to work from home" policy.
Alan Sugar pictured during his recent interview on BBC Breakfast
Alan Sugar pictured during his recent interview on BBC Breakfast

Alan Sugar has once again been sharing his strong feelings about remote working during an interview on BBC Breakfast – but his comments had many viewers all pointing out one flaw in his argument.

Thursday’s edition of the daytime show included a section about the upcoming series of The Apprentice, which will be the Amstrad founder’s 18th at the helm.

During the pre-recorded segment, it was revealed that Alan had a strict “no influencers” and “nobody who wants to work from home” policy when it came to the new crop of contestants.

“I understand why [remote working] happened during Covid, but I’m totally against it, quite frankly,” he explained.

“I think it is bad for morale, bad for learning. I know I learn from being with other people, in an office, and you don’t learn sitting at home in your pyjamas in front of a Mac.”

All of which is well and good, except viewers couldn’t help pointing out that he was saying all of this… via Zoom… remotely…

Elsewhere in the interview, he also revealed how the team behind The Apprentice were strict in weeding out social media influencers during the show’s audition stages.

“The production company that has been making this thing for 18 years and my staff, who go along to the auditions, can smell them a mile off,” he insisted. “And that’s where they’re eliminated in the first round, really.”

A new series of The Apprentice will launch on BBC One at 9pm on Thursday night. Check out the 18 new candidates here.


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