Frozen Planet Episode 3 Preview: Summer Arrives At The Poles (PHOTOS)

David Attenborough's third adventure in the North and South Poles aims to show us how the animals we've grown to love - in just two episodes - adapt to summer weather in the polar regions.

You wouldn't think the polar bear in the above photo, chilling on the ice, would feel the heat, would you? Nor would you think king penguin chicks need to take mud-baths to cool off. But as temperatures rise to a sizzling 17 degrees celsius, this is exactly what they require.

Episode three of the BBC's hit documentary, Frozen Planet, isn't just cute scenes of animals in summertime. In fact, summer can be - like all polar seasons (we should know this by now) - a cruel time.

Be prepared for a mink whale hunted for two hours by a family of killer whales, and the Adelie penguins trying to prevent their chicks being snatched by skuas. And once again, moral dilemmas will arise, as starving wolves try to savage a fluffy Musk Ox calf and you're not sure who to root for...

SLIDESHOW: See photos from Frozen Planet episode 3...