Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V Trailer

This is no Jaberwocky, fearful gamers. This is the trailer for Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V, the game that's released on the ominous date 11.11.11. Yes, despite the national significance of that date, gaming must go on.

In the trailer for version five of this game, grass unneccesarily self-imolates and a bucket of flamable liquid is carelessly left near an open flame. Tsk.

A dragon, rather like your typical three year old, introduces itself not with a how-do-you-do, but with a gutteral roar. There is fear, and there is plenty of bass.

But their is also a saviour. And if you buy the game, which you're meant to want to after watching this, that hero is you. Yes, you in your on-trend horn-ed hat and outfit that's ready for Torture Garden on a Saturday night.

Judging by this making of video, the casual gamer could easily be forgiven for buying Elder Scrolls V for the sound-design alone. It's very much the kind of awesome (literally) boom that would make an ideal soundtrack to your real life.

You know, the kind of sound that should accompany you as you step out of the front door each morning, successfully buy the last free-range chicken at the Co-op or score a brilliant parking space. Disappointingly, the only option for that kind of soundtrack IRL is to play your phone at irritating levels. Nobody wants that.

Now, let's look at why developers are scared of working on Skyrim (you, basically). Look how tired that first guy looks. He's been losing sleep so you'll like this ultimate dragon fighting/assassination game. He's built 350 play spaces including large and small dungeons and plenty of middle-earth-style outdoor scenery, no wonder he's tired.