Furious Mother Takes Revenge On Car Clamper (VIDEO)

Video: Furious Mother Takes Revenge On Car Clamper

Furious mother, Julia Hazel, did what many have only dreamed of doing - emptying a bucket of slime over a car-clamping attendant.

Cheered on by other drivers, she exacted her revenge for her son's car being clamped in Portsmouth, saying that he had only left the car for two minutes to get change for the parking metre.

The video shows her pursuing the man around the car park at full throttle, with a concoction of porridge, frozen vegetables and yellow food dye, before pouring it into his van as a finishing flourish.

She told the Portsmouth News: "The situation was disgusting enough, but what infuriated me was overhearing the clamper saying, 'Are you going to get mummy then, are you?" to her son.

‘My son didn’t have the money to pay so I had to go down and hand over the money - or else they were going to tow his car away. I was sticking up for everyone who has been affected by the clampers.'

Hazel has been ordered by the police to pay £60 for the cleaning of uniforms and the van.


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