Obesity Advisory Group Disbanded By Government

The Government has disbanded its expert advisory group on obesity.

The group advised on policy as well as its implementation and evaluation.

The Department of Health said new advisory arrangements were being brought in for obesity.

Last month, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley came under fire from charities and health campaigners over his "woefully inadequate" plan to tackle the problem.

Jamie Oliver said his strategy was "worthless, regurgitated, patronising rubbish" and dismissed it as "a farce".

The chef, presenter and campaigner said: "Simply telling people what they already know - that they need to eat less and move more - is a complete cop out.

"We simply can't afford the financial or health costs of doing nothing.

"This Government might be able to navigate us slowly out of a recession, but it has no clue about how to make sustainable change in the short or long term, or how to inspire, enforce or empower public health."

He added: "Any of us could walk into any primary school in the country and find plenty of eight-year-olds with more creative solutions to these problems."

Mr Lansley had outlined his "ambition" to bring down England's obesity levels by 2020, but said he was not in favour of regulating the food and drink industry.