Brit Families Bin FIFTH Of Weekly Food Shop

Brit Families Bin FIFTH Of Weekly Food Shop


Despite times being hard, and the price of food being on the increase, it has been reported that families are still throwing away almost a FIFTH of their weekly grocery shop.

And, experts claim, more than half of what is binned it actually fit to eat.

It's been estimated that households waste £12billion of groceries a year – breaking down to £680 a year for every family with children.

The 7.2 million tons of binned foodstuffs could fill Wembley Stadium a staggering nine times!

Waste group, Wrap, found that although these figures are shocking, the rising cost of food has actually led to a reduction of 13% in food waste over the last three years, but the actual VALUE of the food we throw away remains the same because the cost of our weekly shop has gone up.

A spokesperson from Wrap said: "The fall in food waste has saved the carbon equivalent of taking a million cars off the road for a year."

Do these figures surprise you?

Do you throw lots of food away? Or are you careful not to waste anything?