Hillary Clinton Photobomb: Half-Naked Man With Lit Torch Interrupts Secretary Of State's Photo Op

Half-Naked Man With Lit Torch Interrupts Hillary Clinton's Photo Op

As far as the pursuit of photobombing goes, there can be few bigger targets than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

So it proved when a jovial fellow in a modified loin cloth ran behind Clinton while holding a lit torch at a photo op in Hawaii with Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang.

The video, which has since been seen more than 400,000 times on YouTube, was captured. at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Saturday.

But despite initial reports, the man with the torch was not a streaker. The speedy chap in question, Chester Centino, was actually employed by the resort to light many of its 90 torches, and said that he did not know Clinton was near him as he ran past.

"I made sure that I was clear with security, let them know that I have a lit flame, and this is all that I was wearing with my conch shell, and they said they were okay with it," Centino said. "I just did my route regularly."

Clinton found the affair amusing, though we'd wager it was a different sort of joy than she felt in the last viral video in which she starred.

"That was great!" Clinton said after the incident. "I hope you all captured that."


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