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The Late Show host found a bizarre aside smack in the middle of the former president's latest social-media screed.
The late-night host said this big push is all about the former president's increasingly desperate financial condition.
The longtime host returned after a nine-year absence with an urgent message for the nation.
The former president was ordered by a jury on Friday to pay writer E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million.
Right-wing lawmakers are stoking conspiracy theories about the 2021 attack, and Republican voters are eating them up.
The Jimmy Kimmel Live host couldn't help but laugh at the former president's new fundraising move.
The former Fox News personality "really should have gotten the website," said the Late Show comedian.
The Late Show host imagined how the Republican front-runner could get around his promise to limit his abuse of power to just one day.
The Jolene singer-songwriter explained why she isn’t feeling a “Dolly for President” campaign.
Christopher A. Wray didn't hesitate in correcting Greene, who made a string of bizarre remarks at a hearing on Wednesday.