Will Robert Pattinson Escape His Twilight Eclipse? (PHOTOS)

Will Robert Pattinson Escape His Twilight Eclipse?

As Robert Pattinson arrives in London to greet thousands of screaming 'Twihards' at a shopping centre in Stratford, East London, for the UK premiere of Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 1, we ask if the chiselled actor is now bigger than the sum of his blood sucking part...

We may know him now as an angst-ridden, teenage vampire but, unlike his Twilight co-stars, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, Pattinson had previously experienced blockbuster success, when we first saw him play Cedric Diggory in the even-bigger-than-Twilight film franchise Harry Potter.

But now Twilight has eclipsed his acting career, out-selling all his other films at the box office and garnering him more female fans than he knows what to do with, can Pattinson break free from his pale-skinned persona?

In 2010 he was named as the 50th most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes, just beneath American baseball player Alex Rodriguez. There's no denying the Twilight phenomenon has brought him fame, success and a certain type of power.

Since taking on the hair-sprayed head of Edward Cullen, he's also starred in Water For Elephants, alongside Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon, and tried his hand at producing as well as playing a moody, directionless, Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me. Both were well acted, but neither got him out of his Twilight trapping.

The thing is, Pattinson could be forgiven for craving smaller, more independent roles, now his final scenes for the Twilight saga have been filmed. While his fans might be eager to see him in the next big thing, Pattinson may well need a break from the incessant, inescapable attention that comes with playing this generation's leading vampire.

However, when asked in 2009 if he regretted that side of fame, Pattinson told reporters at a Twilight press conference: "It's still such a novelty to me. If I'm still stuck in hotel rooms in ten years and haven't figured out any other way to deal with it other than hiding, it probably would annoy me a little bit!"

Whether, even two short years later, he can still entertain such humble, grateful musings is unknown, but it's clear Pattinson isn't actively seeking out ways to stay in the spotlight unlike his intimidatingly organised Twilight co-star Lautner, who has two films on the go as well as the Twilight finale, and his own production company to boot.

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