17/11/2011 05:38 GMT

Baroness Meacher Chairs Event On Drug Policy Reform At House Of Lords

First there was the sleeping, then the swearing and now the House of Lords want to legalise drugs. Well, some of them do.

An event on drugs policy reform at the House of Lords will be held by Baroness Meacher on Thursday. Among the attendees is former M15 head Eliza Manningham-Buller, who will describe the war on drugs as a "dead-end".

Meacher, chair of the All Party Group on Drug Policy Reform, said on Thursday morning that countries which had decriminalised drugs such as the Czech Republic and Portugal had lower levels of problematic drug use.

"It is fairly clear that you do quite well if you have decriminalisation. That is one of the policies that we feel should be looked at, by we hope a commission set up by David Cameron. It should be a cross-party commission in our view, because if you can take the politics out of this you can look at the evidence in a sensible way."