18/11/2011 07:32 GMT | Updated 29/11/2011 07:23 GMT

Darth Vader Demands Plot To Build Spaceport In Ukraine (VIDEO)

Lord Darth Vader has travelled to Ukraine from a galaxy far, far away to demand a plot of land to build a spaceport in Odessa.

Vader, or rather a local dressed in his costume, submitted the application based on a Ukrainian law that grants 1,000 square metres of land to any citizen.

The application for the spaceport was made at the mayor's office to protest a decision by local politicians to give away free land on attractive stretches of the Black Sea coast, a decision that raised fears of corruption.

The mayor has since said the grants were mistaken, but local news reports suggest that they have not been taken back.

In the video, posted to YouTube, the Sith Lord declares: "Knowing that many deputies and the mayor have switched to the dark side … I have come for a land plot … for my space cruiser."

"The application has been registered and will be considered," a spokeswoman told the Reuters news agency.

"We are not on the dark side, we are light-side people," she said.

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