18/11/2011 06:41 GMT

Tuna Fishing Film Shows Whales, Dolphins And Manta Rays Slaughtered (Graphic Video)

A shocking Greenpeace video has revealed the appalling slaughter of marine life during tuna fishing. A tuna industry whistleblower spoke out to expose the routine killing of whales, dolphins and manta rays.

The never-before-seen footage shows graphic images shot aboard a Pacific fishing vessel. The ship uses fishing aggregated devices, man-made floating objects used to attract fish.

UK tuna giants, John West and Princes have agreed to not source tuna from operations using FADs, as well as all major British supermarkets. However Greenpeace warns this is not enough.

“This shocking video is a wake-up call: we as consumers, can demand that retailers give shelf-space only to responsibly-caught tuna. Without significant changes to global fishing practices and more protected marine reserves across the world’s seas, we will literally fish away future tuna supplies, jobs and healthy oceans.” said Casson Trenor, Greenpeace USA oceans campaigner.