Glencairn Tower Demolition: Explosive Blowdown (Pictures)

PICTURES: Demolition! Tower Destroyed In Seconds

Thousands of people gathered to witness the demolition of a 17-storey tower block in Scotland.

Glencairn Tower, the first steel structure of its kind, was demolished in Motherwell using 100 kilos of explosives.

The blowdown of the tower shortly after midday took just five seconds to complete.

Craig Wilson, commercial director with contractor Technical Demolition Services, said: "With Glencairn having a steel structure, which is unusual for a tower block, we were presented with a number of challenges.

"For example 64 charges were set off due to its structure and I believe it's the first steel structured building to be demolished, not only in the UK but possibly the world.

"Undertaking a blowdown is a huge task and its success is all in the planning and co-operation of the contractor and the client. And this particular demolition is an example of excellent planning and co-ordination of services."

Built in 1964, Glencairn Tower is the largest of North Lanarkshire's 49 multi-storey blocks. The building contained 161 flats, six bin stores, two lifts and an underground covered garage for 76 vehicles.

Councillor Barry McCulloch, convener of housing and social work services at North Lanarkshire Council, said: "I now look forward to the site making way for our new homes as part of our £75 million Building for the Future investment and regenerating Motherwell town centre."

Former tenant Colin Campbell said: "It's been a nostalgic and emotional day for myself and probably for a number of local people.

"Having lived in and grown up in the tower I have many fond memories of the building, particularly as my dad was one of the caretakers there. It was spectacular to see and I'm sure the new houses planned for the tower site will make a positive difference to the local area."


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