Libya: Photos Of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi's Capture Released (SLIDESHOW)

PHOTOS: Dramatic Moment Gaddafi's Son Was Finally Captured

Photos have emerged of the moment Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was captured in Libya.

The images were posted to the "February 17" website, and show the the 39-year-old, British-educated son of the late Colonel Gaddafi after he was captured early on Saturday morning near the town of Obari in the south.

He was the last remaining member of the Gaddafi family still at large.

Following his capture, pictures were circulated on Facebook showing the prisoner wrapped in a brown blanket with injuries to his fingers. The injuries are believed to have been sustained in a Nato bombing raid following his flight from the town of Bani Walid in October.

News of the arrest sparked scenes of celebration in Tripoli and throughout the African desert state. Following his capture, information minister Mahmoud Shammam said that Saif will be put on trial in Libya to be "judged by Libyan law for his crimes".


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